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The Queensland VICE & SLEAZE - Report

The Queensland VICE & SLEAZE - Report

The Association of Labour Lawyers (Queensland has also a branch of

is called the Qld. Labour Lawyers in Queensland and is highly
involved in following Community Legal Associations:
Caxton Legal Centre:

South Brisbane Immigration & Community Legal Service:

Those Community Legal Associations have also an Advocacy Service for
the Homeless People. Well, our little practising feminist Lesbian
supporter of the Socialist Alliance and weekend-pot-smoker & -
drug-user Camielle Donaghey (last known address: 22 Paris Street,
West End Qld. 4101, Ph.: 07 - 3846 0672), got promotion and works as
a volunteer - & public relations-coordinator for the Caxton Legal
Centre. However she still has connections to her weekend-pot-smoking
girl-friends Bi-Sexual Liz Don or Dunn of TAAS

and Rebecca at the New Farm Neighbourhood-Centre

where she goes ones a week for some tactical - and strategic
feminist Vagina-monologues:

Liz Don or Dunn and the Tenant Advice and Advocacy Service make also
sure, that homeless bludging poofters, prostitutes, drug-users,
drug-dealers, pimps and other undesirables get accommodation from
the housing-commission very quickly, while the hard working man is
getting put on a waiting-list for years to get accommodation from
the housing-commission. TAAS is just a bludger-organisation who gets
government-funding and with the funding provide bludger-jobs for

These Feminists have covered up successfully for John or Carl ( he
is skinny, tall, with thick brown-grey hair & pony-tail, a big nose
and he is of Austrian-Bosnian Muslim parents) a known Drug-dealer
and pervert. Also they covered for a lot of other undesirables at
the New Farm Neighbourhood-Centre. John or Carl operates also at the
139 Club in the Ft. Valley:

and Mission Cafe 1 of Mission Australia in Wickham Street next to
the elevator to the Railway-Station, Ft. Valley:

The drug-dealers & -users, poofters, prostitutes and other
undesirables you find in Mission-Cafe 1, you find also at the 139
Club and the New Farm Neighbourhood -Centre.

The Queensland Association of Labour Lawyers will certainly make
sure, that Camielle gets a career.
The Association of Queensland Labour Lawyers is mentioned negatively
in a letter of Desmond F. O'Neill to the Hon. Mr. Peter Beattie on
page 3 of:

..."In March 1991, the appointment of Ms. Jane Macdonnel, the then
Executive Director of the Office of State Revenue, was mentioned in
the State House by Mr. Santo Santoro as being a crony appointment,
with connections to the Association of Labour Lawyers"...

Also the Association of Labour Lawyer members past and present have
played a major part in the improper handling of the Heiner matter,
as seen on:

The Association of Labour Lawyers is an ALP pressure group and made
always sure that their members got influential positions in
government and society. So became one of their members a Ms. R. G.
Atkinson a Supreme Court Judge:

The appointment was controversial and political, only to suit the
feminist and lesbian demand for power, even though there were better
qualified persons there for that job. Former ALP-Minister for
Justice & Attorney General Matt Foley

made sure that his ALP-girl got the job as Supreme Court Judge. Here
the ALP exposed itself of cronyism!
On pages 205 + 206 of the book "Who will Judge the Judges" by Dan
Fritz ISBN 0 6461 21 030, it is written that Ms. Atkinson was
Counsel for the QCSC and had completely lost her composure in the
case against Dan Fritz's application for leave. All about Dan Fritz

On pages 210 to 213 of the same above-named book you find also
information about the then already controversial status quo of the
Criminal Justice Commission (CJC) which is full of members of the
Association of Labour Lawyers, who use this organisation as a crony
political power tool. The CJC's name changed into CMC=Crime
Misconduct Commission). The CMC is also very controversial and their
decisions are not always sound.
The book "Who will Judge the Judges" was taken off the shelves of
the bookstores of Queensland by the Department of Public
Prosecutions/DPP, but you can buy it in other states.
When the Lesbians, Homos and Queers got their way through the
Goss-ALP, the Fitgerald-Enquiry was not more extended and stopped.
After that corruption and cronyism became sophisticated under the
Labour-Lawyers and Queers. Former ALP-Minister Terry Mackenroth was
a good example of this process, because he got away with a lot,
including taking back-door-money from the
Thiess-Construction-Company. No wonder, the ALP is called the
Australian Lesbian Party, because the girls got their way there and
a lot of them got away with a lot of crap. Just Remember Family
Minister Anne Warner and the Heiner-document-shredding. The ALP is
the party with the highest amount of lawyers.
Feminists and Lesbians support Immigration of other races, because
of their hate for the white male and love the immigrant who in the
most cases will support the feminists.
Furthermore all Qld. Labour-Lawyers are members of the Qld. Council
for Civil Liberties, an extreme anti-white-male, left-wing LAW
Think-Tank. This Law Think-Tank was very instrumental in
implementing Anti-White Immigration - & Racial Vilification-Laws and
the Anti-White-Male Family Court and -Law. These were also the
reasons for former ALP-supporter John Bennett to start the
Australian Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) to counter the
Anti-Australian law-ideas of the Councils for Civil Liberties, when
he resigned as the Secretary of the Victorian Council of Civil

As said, the Association of Labour Lawyers was behind the set up of
the Family Court and the Family Law, through which the White Male
became a dum-dum slave, coward and wimp of his wife and her new
boy-friends. How else can you describe a male who accepts today's
Family-Court and Family Law and is not fighting it.

Lately the ALP-friendly Courier Mail woke up and is reporting now
about the seedy sleaze of Night-Clubs. See "Underbelly", pg 1,
Courier Mail, 21-22 February, 2009. They still have not not realised
all the seedy Sleaze in the Fortitude Valley. They reported 20 years
ago, that this seedy Sleaze was because of "OLD JOE" and Fitzgerald
would get rid of it. But now you can see more sex-clubs,
night-clubs, gaming-halls, porno-shops, raving poofters, queers,
prostitutes, drug-addicts, drug-dealers and other undesirables in
the Ft. Valley than ever before, under the Australian Lesbian Party
(ALP). Looks like the police takes more bribes then ever before and
Jack Herbert was only a little fish in the big pond. So what went
wrong Ms. Bligh? Do you still want to blame "OLD JOE" for this?
The fact is that the ALP blamed "OLD JOE" for the corruption, but
the ALP legalised the corruption. It was illegal that crook police
took bribes from prostitutes but under Labour it is not illegal that
the government takes taxes and rates from legalised brothels and
They still blame "OLD JOE" for their ALP-Problem of having increased
vice and sleaze to top-levels in the Ft. Valley and the rest of
Again these days the cops are too busy in chasing Red-Light- &
J-walking pedestrians at Red-Lights and crossings of Brisbane while
the criminals in the Ft. Valley have a free ticked to ride.

The unwanted and unloved Anarcho-Communists, who could not make it
in the ALP have found their political home in the Green Party. Thus
we therefore ask voters to put the Green Party last after the
sitting member.
It looks like the Australia First Party has a Green Party Advocate
with John Drew in their midst. He is asking on their web-site for
support of the Marxist Green Party:

Drew supports also the Queensland Council for Civil Liberties, a
tool of the Labour Lawyer Associaton.

Anyway it looks that there is no other chance for Australia to
become the Power-House of the South-Pacific than under ANA:

Further Anti-Corruption-Pages on:

The Perpetuation of Evil prevails

The Perpetuation of Evil prevails


“Abbott renews hunt over abuse ‘cover-up’”, 26/6/2008, The

To this above-named article, The Australian of 2nd July, 2008
published a letter of Kevin Lindeberg of Capalaba, Qld. On page 13
The ‘Heiner affair’
YOUR article (“Abbott renews hunt over abuse ‘cover-up’” 26/6) has
misstated well known facts in the so-called “Heiner affair”. To say
that “The Australian last year uncovered the documents relating to
the case that were allegedly shredded” is a serious
misrepresentation of the facts. I have never claimed the file was
This file came into existence in late May/ early June 1988 at the
time the alleged sexual assault occurred. It was not generated by
the late 1989/early 1990 Heiner Inquiry. It was always within the
possession and control of the Queensland Government, albeit unknown
to the public generally or the victim herself until much later.
It was first “uncovered” in early 2002 by UQ journalist Bruce Grundy
by proper means. It was tabled before the Legal and Constitutional
Affairs Committee in Brisbane in 2003. It was provided in evidence
to the Senate Select Committee on the Lindeberg Grievance in June
2004. It could hardly be described as being first uncovered in 2007.
The file reveals that the 14-year-old indigenous victim in fact
wanted her alleged (known) assailants charged but was intimidated
out of proceedings at the time.
Compelling evidence exists, irrespective of what Noel Heiner and
others may now recall or believe, that the incident was brought up
in evidence before the Heiner Inquiry by a concerned whistleblower
who believed that it had not been properly handled at the time.
Irrespective of this yet-to-be resolved alleged sexual assault
matter, this affair stands on other firm ground concerning the
shredding itself by the Queensland Government when it was known that
the gathered Heiner Inquiry documents themselves were required for
court which in itself, unless properly resolved, remains a serious
blot on the rule of law in the Commonwealth.

Australian Labour Paedophiles’

political appointment of QBruce as Governor-General is dealt with in
an article under the headline: “Heiner affair shadows Bryce” on 9th
Aug., 2008 on:,,24153740-5001030,00.html

Now it is final, Australian Prime-Minister KRudd

has shredded his credibility. To this read the article “PM shreds
his credibility” on:,,24656295-5001030,00.html


And also Premier A. Bligh covers the Heiner-Affair up, which smacks
of complicity!
Now, in the article “City vote key to Queensland poll” of The
Australian, it is stated about A. Bligh, that: -“…, and Queensland
schools-, despite years of promises, including during her (Anna
Bligh’s) own stint as education minister – are among the worst
performers in national testing….”. Full article on:,25197,25096869-16741,00.html

ABligh admitted that her program as Education-Minister did not work.
She failed to lift the performance of Queensland schools, when she
was Minister of Education. So why do you expect from her to lift
things for Queenslanders as Premier? Did she do confidence-tricking
on you?
Also she will let Peter Beattie be the fat-paid Trade-Commissioner,
a job abolished by all the other states, because this job is
unnecessary. What’s about Peter Beattie and Mrs. Merri Rose’s young
daughter? Is there anything we should know and do not know?
More about Peter Beattie under the headline “Leslie Batkin and Ron
Chapman murdered” on:

Also on the above-named web-site the headline “The Mature Biker…,
Murder in PM Rudd’s Manor.
We all know, that Anna Bligh was wrong in the fluoridation of water,
the establishment of regional councils and handling of the
health-system-crises. See to this the facts on following websites:

Read how they started new laws in Australia which work against the
people, on:

More Links:

Economic Rival Business is ending always up in terror & war. Study
it on:

If you are not a member, then just enter as guest. See and click:

‘Mike Kaiser (“a vote-rigging hardened young serial offender,
premeditated, systematic, amoral, shameless, remorseless- educating
and corrupting new generations of young Labour activists into the
corrupt old culture” – so Liberal senator George Brandis) now does
the job for Queensland Premier Bligh, masterminding her successful
poll last Saturday 21/3/2009. A good friend of Kaiser’s, is
Queensland Deputy Premier Paul Lucas.’ Extracts from “True believer
who turned Labour dreams into reality” by Andrew Fraser, in the
Weekend Australian of 28-29 March, 2009, pages 1 + 7.,,25253458-2702,00.html

Also some of MBligh’s ministerial ?ladies? are some sort of wild
Community Services, Housing and Women Minister Karen Struthers is
reported of similar rough housing five years ago and a more recent
drink-driving charge (she was arrested with a blood alcohol reading
of .169 in 2007). Family First candidate Steve Christian alleged
Karen Struthers slapped him in front of several witnesses. Thus why
can’t the police find any sufficient evidence to pursue the evidence
of several witnesses. Ms Struthers assaulted also Labour MP, R. Lee.

Well and then we have five speeding fines for Transport Minister
Rachel Nolan. Well, that’s a confident start for the new Bligh team.
Looks like that Girls not only can do anything, but are allowed to
do anything too. At South-Bank in Brisbane they go with males into
the male Showers and toilets of the near-by swimming-beach-pool and
when the
security catches them they just let them go. But be afraid as a male
to be caught in the female shower-section. You can be guarantied to
be escorted to the next police-station.
In the Fortitude Valley (the Kings Cross of Brisbane) you find girls
on the footpath in front of Sex-Night-Clubs soliciting males to
enter. If you as a male are soliciting girls to enter your premises
then you can likely be arrested, because the girl can be an
Under Labour and with Anna Bligh the Drug-Lobby, Queer-Lobby,
Abortionists and other undesirables will certainly get their way
completely in the question of Abortion, same Sex-Couples and the
legalization of Marijuana.
Also other Social Filth will demand more and more of your respect.

These latest revelations of the perpetuation of prevailing evil
demonstrate, that the world is globally becoming like Chicago under
Al Capone.

The Allied winners of WW II joined forces with the evil Mafia in
their countries during world-war II against Adolf Hitler, who was
sent by God to chasten the Jews, because of the bitter apostasy of
Zionism against the belief in the eventual Messianic redemption. Up
to now the Mafia is still running the CIA and our governments. They
have even links to the Vatican, the Pope, Jews and Christian
Now you still wonder why things are going wrong for you, the
honourable man. Adolf Hitler did not give the Mafia any chance and
eradicated them where-so-ever he found them.
Communism ‘s dead / Capitalism ‘s dying – Time for a Third Way!
The political reality of today in Queensland and Australia is not
worth to be defended and it is time to join Australian National

to struggle for the people and with the people, because:

“The most precious possession on Earth is our own people and for
these people, and with these people, we will struggle and we will
fight, and never slacken, and never tire, and never falter, and
never doubt! Long live our movement! Long live our people!”

Adolf Hitler was standing against all this crap, which is going on
against the White Australians and the Whites everywhere in the
world, today.
Read about "Life in the Third Reich" on:

We hope that on the twentieth of April, 2009, the
120th birthday of Adolf Hitler, that all of us renew the oath in our
hearts to stand strong and true to Adolf Hitler’s memory and fight
to preserve a future for our great White Race.
Our leader Adolf Hitler

In his memory see following videos on: